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Hi, it’s Stephanie again… 


And I want to personally congratulate you for making a fantastic decision to join The 1-hour Budget Plan.


By making it so far – you’ve proven you are serious about your financial future.


And you’ve just unlocked a whole new world – which I believe – only a small, and wealthy, group of people are lucky enough to experience.


In a few minutes, you’ll receive your login details so you can get started with the training.


So that’s why I want to share this unique opportunity with you…

Accelerate you progress even faster to become financially free in years (not decades)

Imagine a life free worries and or any insecurities you might have around money and helps you

I know, this idea of life free of financial worries and early retirement might sound a bit crazy right now…


But because you already proved today you are serious about your financial future – I know that this future is also possible to you.

You don’t need it to be successful, but as you’ll see, it will definitely save you a lot of time and money.

It’s a little know secret to managing your budget and saving money with ease.

What if you could make budgeting and saving completely hands-off?

When you have access to what I’m about to show you, You’ll not only save more money each month.

But more importantly, you’ll eliminate yourself from the process and replace yourself with a system that never procrastinates.

A way you probably don’t know yet to track your bills, pay off debt and save money.

You will only need to set your budget once – and forget about it.

Look, time is the most important asset that exists.

It’s all we have at the moment and the clock is ticking.

To the degree that you understand this through every fiber of your body, the deeper you will understand the need for systems to free up your only real asset: time.

Automation is the answer.

Paying your bills, tracking your expense every and sticking to the budget lot of time requires you to make new habits.

And that’s where we see a lot of people fail.

We See it All The Time

Women start the year with lots of enthusiasm to make a change and “make this year count” but after weeks or months – they happen to quit the habit.

or make it less frequent.


Not Sticking to your budget can cost you on average 7% of your income.




This is the high price you might need to pay.

We are swamped with our day-to-day – and we forget to do the 1 thing that can really make a difference in our financial lives.

Not losing your sight on the target.

You can operate much smarter if you’d like to.

And while you’re on this page, I’m going to give you a unique opportunity right now.

You see, we’re about to finish development on a new course that will teach you how to manage your budget automatically with a few simple-to-use apps.

If you follow the easy steps – you’ll be able to reach your financial goals with our worrying about your money.

On average, our students are saving $10,415 a year when they use the 1-hour budget.

But with this course, this will happen on autopilot.

Just imagine how would it feel to know that your money is being managed by a
system you can trust.

You spend your time with the people you love…
doing the things you love – and money is no longer an issue.

You escaped the paycheck to paycheck trap – just in time to liberate yourself your financial freedom.

Here's how it works...

Once you ready to start – you’ll set up your first money plan.

With our method, you’ll be able to quickly understand where you spend your money, how much debt you should pay each month – and how much you can save.

With these important numbers in hand – you’ll learn how to set in a very short time – an important tool to manage your money for you.

Yes, it requires you a small investment of money to speed things up.

But this will pay itself back in few days.

Imagine this,
You finally found a method the that follow your need.

instead of trying to follow some cookie-cutter methods or reading so generic articles on the web – and trying to adapt it to a plan that will work for you…

This method is based on creating your own action plan – and putting the right assisting tools to make it a reality.

All you have to do is copy and paste the recipes we already created for – you – and boom!

You’ll have the ability to save $10,000 this year – practically on autopilot.

So I’m happy to introduce our new program

The Million Dollar Mom

The first time I heard about this method – it was in a book by David Bock named – Smart women finish rich.

In the book, he shared an idea that was very controversial at the time.

an idea that made a lot of people very wealthy over the years.

At first, it seems counter-intuitive, and that’s only a handful of people (who all become super-wealthy) understood and practiced.

What was the Idea?


If you want to thrive financially – you need to pay yourself first.

What Bach noticed is that these people used a simple habit.

Basically, each month when they get their salary – the first thing they do is to transfer a big amount of money from the checking to their saving account.

Why this is so powerful?

Because this naturally forces you to spend only what you have on your account and be more resourceful with what you have left.

This book was written more than 22 years ago, in a time where good money management tools were scarce.

So everything was had to be done “by hand”.

But more than 20 years later, the advice is still very solid.

We just have easier tools to make it happen.

So my question for you.

Do You want to get be automate your way to wealth?

Let me be clear.

This does not mean that you’re going to just push one button and cash appears like magic.

You still have to take some action, adapt few new habits that will be part of your life (like using a banking app).

If you’re just looking to find a way “quickly to get rich” rich quick, then please pass on this special offer.

This is not for you.

But if you believe this will help you get to financial freedom faster and easier, then this is very important for knowledge to know…

How to lots of money every month – with freedom and ease.

In less than a decade, you’ll be able to become active pretty much any goal you can think about.

Here’s exactly what you get when you say yes to the special offer?

I’m making you right now, you save yourself a place in the new course going live on May 1st, 2021.

When you join today – you are saving yourself a seat in the beta group of this new program.

Our goal is to sell this program for $197 once we go live next month.

But because you are the newest member of the Her finance community – we want to give you a chance to join this course for just $19

That’s more than 90% off.

But I want to give you another bonus that can help you get another quick start on your new automatic habit.

It’s the full report and audiobook about how to save $10,000 this year with 74 creative ways to save and make money.

This report alone cost $47, but you are getting it for free today.

And one more thing…

If you are struggling with debt, or have a big amount you want to pay off
like you house or your student loans with would love to give you free access to our full report named:

How I paid off $125,000 in debt in 4 years.

This action plan is been sold on our website for $39 – but you can get it for free today when you join our beta group.

So here’s everything you get when you say yes today:

✓ The “Million Dollar Mom” private beta group, a $197 value.
✓ Our report: 74 ways to save $10,000 this year, a $47 value.

✓ And the get out of debt action plan, a $39 value

Total retail value, $283.

Now I think it goes without saying that if you save just $200 dollars next month – you already made a 10X return on your investment.

Right now you can take advantage of this one-time special offer.

Today, you can try it for only $19

So go ahead and click the button right now for instant access.


I think you’ll find that your new money plan will pay for itself a hundred times over when used properly. And that’s probably an understatement.

It’s literally that powerful.


And in case you’re wondering, the small investment required to access your website is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom line, if you’re not happy, let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money.

It is that simple.

Oh yeah. And here’s another thing.

If you take advantage of this special offer right now and remember this is a one-time offer, so you have to act right now, you can’t come back later and expect to find this offer because it won’t be here.

But if you act right now, in addition to the access to our course – you’ll get $100 free credit to some of our favorite budgeting apps and tools.

So no reason will stop you from getting up and running with our unique and effective system.

So here’s everything you get when you say yes today?

✓ The “Million Dollar Mom” private beta group, a $197 value.

Our report: 74 ways to save $10,000 this year, a $47 value.

And the get out of debt action plan, a $39 value priceless.
Total retail value, $383.

But you just pay $19 right now to get all of it.

By now, it should be obvious whether or not this is right for you.

It’s decision time to get access to this special offer.

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