Free Credit Click lets you get all three of your credit scores in one place without having to jump through extra hoops. It’s a fairly simple process that takes about 5 minutes to complete. I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide below to walk you through it!


Pretty standard stuff: your name, email and zip code, all of which will be used to verify you are who you say you are. From there, you’ll move on to this page (it might look slightly different depending on your browser and where you’re from):

You don’t have to answer why you’re checking the site but you will need to provide your address and make a username. Standard stuff, they’ll use your address to verify you are who you say you are as well. After filling that in, you’ll move on to here:

Your Social Security number is essentially the key to your credit report. Anytime you apply for credit cards, want to take out a loan, buy a car, etc. they use your SSN to get your credit report. Same thing here with that and your date of birth. All of it is cross referenced with your credit report so that it can be accessed and give you your credit score.

After that, you’ll head here:

3 security questions! There’s a lot of blacked out area on this screenshot since I don’t want my info out there. Always remember that if one of the questions doesn’t have a correct answer to it (usually happens), then you should answer “N/A” or “None of the above”. Just because you see something you don’t recognize doesn’t mean your identity has been stolen, it’s just a way to throw off would-be identity thieves. You’ll end up on this page:

This is where your credit card will be billed $1 as a final security measure and to get you enrolled in their credit monitoring service. If you just want to see your credit scores and not be billed anymore in the future, cancel your membership within 7 days. You’ll still get to see all three of your credit scores. Speaking of:

That’s the number you’d call to cancel in the next 7 days. It doesn’t take long, just let them know you only wanted to see your credit scores. Once you click the orange button:

There’s your credit scores and what’s affecting your credit score. I got dinged for a car loan and not having a super-old age of accounts. Simple enough, head on over to FreeCreditClick and take a look for yourself. They did a pretty good job of making it as easy as possible to see your credit scores.