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Learn a Simple Method To Save $10,000 or more this year

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Let's be real honest for a moment...

What is really stopping you from achieving your financial goals?


It’s time to declutter your finance and to build a simple money plan.

You might already know that creating a budget and sticking to it – is the most effective way to create real progress.

But the problem that it’s not always so easy.

with so many budgeting approaches and techniques – you might just feel overwhelmed.

We totally understand.

So often we start the year full of energy to make a change.

But it only holds up for a few weeks or months.

It’s not that you didn’t have the right intention…

It’s because don’t always have the right plan.

We want to give you the exact step-by-step plan you need to having  $10,000 in your bank account by the end of the year. 

There are 365 days in a year (except for a leap year)

Which means you’ll need to save $27.39 a day to achieve $10,000 over the year.

That’s $191.73 a week, $833.33 a month.

Looking at the numbers like that the goal can easily seem impossible.

But the first step is using our simple method to create the right financial habits.

But, if you break it down, and take it step-by-step, there is no reason you can’t achieve it.

In fact, $10,000 in a year might not even be a big enough goal.

Maybe a year from now, you will be setting your sights on $10,000 in 6 months; or maybe, $30,000 per year.

Whatever savings goal you set, you can learn to use this simple method to achieve it.


Can't Be Grateful Enough!

“I was searching for years for a way to manage my family budget.

I found the “1-Hour Budget” to be the easiest method for managing my money.

Thank you for showing me that everything is really possible.”


Financial Goals workbook

Help you define & track the right financial goals.

Yearly Budget Planner

Create a simple financial plan you can actually stick to.

Net worth tracker

Get a clear picture of your assets, saving, and debt – in one place.


Printable & digital checklist to never miss a payment.

expenses Tracking

Know exactly where are you spending your money.

debt payment calculator

Create a payment plan for any debt you want to tackle.

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The 1- Hour Budegt

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This guide will help you save lots of time and money.

Actionable & straight forward.  plan to help you build your budgeting habits to achieve your financial dreams this year.​

Instead of just wishing for it – we’ll show you it actually very simple!

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This is your chance to make 2021 Your Best Year

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We created a simple money plan to help you:



“This is a great model to go by. All I need to do is input my numbers & expenses in place of the ones you have there already. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!”

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The simple way to plan and create your financial success

The 1-Hour Budget will help you to stay on track while you achieve all of your goals this year.


The best $37 I ever spent

“it was always clear to me that keeping a budget is important, but i never seems to find a easy build this habit. Soooo happy we finally started following a plan. it’s really easy & simple.”

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