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The 1-Hour Budget Planner

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This May Be The Most Simple & Effective Way To Save More Money, Get Out Of Debt, And Reach Your Financial Goals!

The Ultimate Budget Binder Includes:

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“No matter how many times I've tried to budget I either get stuck, don't follow through with it, or don't find the time to actually get it done.”

Let’s be real honest for a moment…

Give us a little “here here” if you’ve ever had one of these thoughts:

Or maybe you already know that creating a budget and sticking to it – is the most effective way to make real progress.

But the problem is that it’s not always so easy.

Is your hand up? How about the other? 


Maybe you’ve got a few more limbs in the air, too. 


And that’s totally okay. 


Because with so many budgeting approaches and techniques out there, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start!


We totally understand.


And that’s why we’re so pumped up to bring you the 1-hour Budget Planner!


So you can have the tools you need to make the right financial decisions and live the lifestyle you want to without worrying about money.


It’s time to declutter your finances and to build a simple money plan.

So often, we start the year full of energy to make a change.

But it only holds up for a few weeks or months.

It’s not that you didn’t have the right intention… It’s because you don’t always have the right plan.

Managing your money doesn’t mean spending 10 hours or more every month to keep an up-to-date budget.

There is a simple alternative to decluttering your finances and building a money plan.

With the "1 Hour Budget" - you will discover our method to create a simple budget, track your money, and reach your money goals even faster this year.


Still a bit skeptical? 
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Can't Be Grateful Enough!​

“I was searching for years for a way to manage my family budget.

I found the “1-Hour Budget” to be the easiest method for managing my money.

Thank you for showing me that everything is really possible.”

We can’t wait to hear *YOUR* success story next!

What You Will Get

Yearly Budget Planner

Create a simple financial plan you can actually stick to.

expenses Tracking

Know exactly where are you spending your money.

Net worth tracker

Get a clear picture of your assets, saving, and debt – in one place.

debt payment calculator

Create a payment plan for any debt you want to tackle.


Printable & digital checklist to never miss a payment.

Financial Goals workbook

Help you define & track the right financial goals.


In just one hour…

You’ll have a simple & actionable plan to achieve your financial dreams.​

Just IMAGINE what it would be like to:

* NO LONGER being preoccupied, worried, frantic, freaked out or fearful about money.

* Never having to say no to your desires because of money.

But more importantly, how that will affect not only your life but your family’s lives!

The 1-hour Budget Planner is where you can step up and re-write the script

Cuz it’s go-time!

That’s why we created this because we know that it’s never just about the money. It’s about the freedom and opportunity money brings!

Instead of just wishing for it – we’ll show you just how simple it really is!

Drop the money struggle once and for all, and start managing your money like a boss!

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“This is a great model to go by. All I need to do is input my numbers & expenses in place of the ones you have there already. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!”

This is your chance to make 2021 Your Best Year

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The 1-hour Budget Planner walks you through creating a simple money plan to help you:

…and so much more!

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The simple way to plan and create your financial success

The simple way to plan and create your financial success

The 1-Hour Budget will help you stay on track while you achieve all of your goals this year.


The best $37 I ever spent

“it was always clear to me that keeping a budget is important, but i never seems to find an easy build this habit. Soooo happy we finally started following a plan. It’s really easy & simple.”

We can't wait to hear *YOUR* success story next!


In total? About an hour to set up (Slightly more if you do it while rewatching the Twilight Saga). Then a few seconds every day (I habit-stack it to breakfast so whenever I sit down to eat, I know it’s time to check the budget and it takes me literally seconds a day to record what we spent yesterday. Finally, another 10 minute a week to set up for the budget meeting and another 15- 20 minutes a week for a budget meeting.
(We just combine the budget meeting with dinner now).  

In total? Less than 30 minutes a week for the best budget of your life.  

Absolutely! Our Easy Money Spreadsheet works for weekly budgeting, biweekly budgeting, monthly budgeting and anything in between 

We’re happy to help! Our support email is

Response time is typically within 2 hours during our office hours.

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm and 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturday.

You can either pay with Paypal or Stripe.

Paypal currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s.

Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diner’s Club, and JCB.

PayPal also accepts alternative payment methods. You can read more about them here.

If you’re currently using a budgeting app without any issues and making progress on your goals, then I’d skip this. I’m a fan of “Don’t fix it if it’s not broke”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

If you technically have an app, but don’t really keep up with it- then you should get the Easy Budget Binder! This will be easier for you to keep up with since it’s quicker and you omit the learning curve of technology.  

This is perfect for anyone that struggles with actually keeping up with a budget. It teaches you how to hack budgeting to do the minimum amount of work, while getting better results.  

The Easy Budget Binder is instantly available to print at home. This means that you also get LIFETIME updates to the binder as it’s updated for no additional cost and you can use it year after year without ever paying for anything else. #winning  

I’ll be the first to tell you that the Easy Budget Binder is NOT for everyone. If you’re super detailed and like to do things the “right way” on principle (like if you regularly clean on top of your fridge), then skip this one.  

The Easy Budget Binder is for anyone that needs FAST results with an “easy to stick to” system that even the busiest, most exhausted mom can keep up with. This is a NO BRAINER if you also struggle with keeping to the budget that you set. (Like, if you struggle walking away from something you want even if you know you’re over budget).  

We have a 100% money back guarantee. I doubt you’ll need it, but it’s there if you do.  

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