Wealth Investments

Invest and follow your funds.

Capitalise on your expatriate status by investing in global opportunities.

Choosing the right investment opportunities needn't be complicated. At her.finance, we specialise in wealth management and under the umbrella of Globaleye, we offer a comprehensive range of fund options via our eminent global partnerships. Your wealth manager will help you to set out your financial objectives so that you can build a bespoke financial plan that suits your circumstances and aspirations. And with best-in-class finance management software, you can track your her.finance accounts - no matter where you are. AEON is an option for investors seeking high value solutions, reduced risk and significantly reduced costs. The AEON platform reacts with the markets, serves your personal economy and keeps you on track. Your personal portfolio is managed with the aim of generating better returns and reducing costs. In opting for AEON, you have the support of two of the world's leading names in wealth management - Fidelity and Quilter Cheviot. They bring to the table GBP150m in annual investment research, not to mention a dedicated investment team which works around the clock, adjusting and rebalancing funds to ensure your portfolios are aligned to their risk profile.