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Why now is the time to invest in UK property.





If a buy-to-let in the UK is something you've been thinking about, now is the time to jump in.

While sterling's post-Brexit slide has hit buyers in the UK, it's a different story for overseas investors. For now, the weakness of the pound has, in some cases, neautralised additional stamp duty costs and opened up a window of opportunity for expats.

UAE Dirhams are currently worth a lot more in cold hard pounds. spoke to Mortgage and Wealth Manager Paul Borg who thinks it's the perfect time to add a property investment to your personal economy. "We have seen a large increase in demand from people wanting mortgage and property investment advice in the last few months. This is due to the weak pound and low interest rates which makes it the best combination for overseas investment, particularly in the UK."

But is it complicated?

Investing in UK property can be simple, with the right help. provides a range of property solutions, tailored to the needs of expat investors:
  • Links with all major international lenders for expat borrowers
  • Property search and information on property hotspots
  • In-house solicitors and auditors
  • Full-service property application management
  • Currency solutions to help manage repayments

Where to buy in the UK in 2017

Hull - It's not so dull in Hull anymore. Shaking off its old catchphrase, the 'UK City of Culture 2017' has flourished under extensive regeneration projects over the last decade.

Inverness - The Aberdeenshire oil industry lends itself to this city, where average house prices have currently exceeded the pockets of first time buyers, boosting rentals.

Leeds - Home to the UK's fourth largest student population, with ongoing regeneration in Leeds South Bank and the much-anticipated arrival of High Speed Two, Leeds is enjoying major investment appeal.

Manchester - Leading the 'Northern Powerhouse', Manchester is ranked alongside the capital as a prime buy-to-let market with 10,300 new homes required annually to keep up with growth until 2035.

Stockport - Business is booming in Stockport with construction of a GBP 42 million transport interchange and GBP 1 billion being fed into commercial, retail and residential sectors.

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